By Worshipful James Morgan PM

Feb. 2, 2021

Recently, Big Bear Lodge hosted a LifeStream Blood Bank blood drive inside the lodge building as a way to give back to our community; as an act of charity.

But how can a creature who can’t remember his or her first meal know the value of giving? What is charity? What is the energy needed to be classified as charity? Is it a feeling, or an
action? Can you touch charity with your hands. Does it changes with the seasons? Where did humans stop caring solely about themselves and their own survival and begin giving to one another? Was it when someone offered another shelter from the rain for the first time? Did a few share their crops so the many could eat? Or, on the other hand, was it always this way? Are humans, by their very nature, charitable creatures?

Today, Freemasons must reflect on how we can do our part to make a difference in our communities — our level of charity. What is the level? How straight up are we within ourselves to keep plum about it? Let us come to agreement of establishing a measure of giving to our fellow creatures so we can participate in the joy of mercy.

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